Our Health Care Team

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Our veterinary technicians use a soft, gentle touch and kind words to relax your pet while we care for them.  We believe this type of compassionate care is the cornerstone for healing and feeling better.  Whether it’s taking a radiograph, performing an ultrasound, providing nursing care, assisting in surgery, monitoring anesthesia to make sure your pet is safe, applying a splint or bandage, or running diagnostic tests in our lab, our technicians constantly strive to make each part of your pet’s visit stress free and comfortable.

Katy & Lab Katy has been with Fremont Veterinary Clinic since day one. In 2014, she celebrate her 40th anniversary at Fremont.  Wow.  Impressive.  Katy spends most of her time caring for our patients; her specialty is running tests and looking at samples under the microscope.  She loves surgery and dentistry too.  When she finds a free moment here and there, she maintains our drugs and supplies, manages our staff and doctor schedule, maintains our medical equipment, and is our safety officer.
Judy in Fremont Vet Dental Suite Judy joined the Fremont Family in 1988. She spends most of her days as our surgery and dentistry technician.  She is one of the two original members in Oregon of the American Veterinary Dental Technician Society.  She also really enjoys our hospital technician position so she can care for our sick patients and pets recovering from anesthesia.

Advanced Skilled Veterinary Assistant

Dan Dan Dan joined us in 2001 and stays busy either in the role of our Appointment Technician or Hospital Technician.  In 2007, he went to Texas to study sonography (ultrasound / echocardiogram). After completing the four sets of courses he obtained his certification of completion in advanced imaging in 2008. You’ll see him performing ultrasounds on our patients one to two times a week.
Faith in Fremont Vet Dental Suite Faith joined the team at Fremont Veterinary Clinic in 2007 after she graduated from Apollo Veterinary Assistance program. She is eager to jump into any task that is presented to her and always eager to learn something new everyday. She works full time and is taking classes online to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. She resides with her dog ‘Beyla’ and her 5 cats.
 stella Chelsey joined our clinic in 2018. She’s been in the veterinary profession for several years and is looking forward to learning more about assisting our doctors with surgery, dentistry and helping care for our hospitalized patients and running the lab.
IMG_5247 Brian came on board at the end of December, 2016 and immediately hit the ground running.  Brimming with manners and a friendly, cheerful, attitude, Brian is always ready to help. We’ve got him helping in lab, helping with Tech Appointments, and filling our Floater position, aptly titled because you float and go wherever help is needed. We really appreciate and enjoy Brian’s outlook on life:  Smile and be of service to others.

Doctor Assistants

Our Doctor Assistants have a wide range of responsibilities in the clinic and are vital members of our health care team. They work hand and hand with our doctors from the time your pet is escorted to an exam room until it’s time for you to say goodbye. They will obtain an accurate weight and temperature of your pet and gather information to relay to the doctor.  They will prepare and administer vaccines and prepare any medications to go home.  They also assist the doctors and technicians in handling pets that need treatment, blood draws, x-rays, or medications.

Erin with Margot Erin joined us in early 2014 and has been a wonderful addition to our clinic.  We love how friendly and helpful she is, often going out of her way to make sure everyone is helped and cared for.  She loves learning about what’s going on with you and your pets and being part of your pets medical team.
Atalie Atalie came to us in 2016 with three years experience as a Doctor’s Assistant.  She really enjoys interacting with clients and making sure they have all of their questions answered.  She’s been a great fit for our clinic is focusing her training with our in-house lab.
 IMG_5237  Shelby found herself at an interesting crossroads in 2017.  She had recently graduated from college and was really enjoyed a career in the veterinary profession and then her housing situation changed.  She had an opportunity to move to Portland to be with her best friend, so that’s exactly what she did.  She joined us in late 2017 and has been fantastic.  She’s very conscientious about helping our clients and patients feel welcome and she’s very inquisitive about our computers and electronic records.  She’s going to be a big help when we go electronic records next year.

Client Care Representatives

Our warm, friendly Client Care Representatives have a twinkle in their eye and a smile on their face.  They are the first person you hear when you call to make an appointment or ask a question and they are the last person you’ll see on your way out the door.   If you have a special need or special request, please ask.  We want your pets to feel safe and confident about  about coming our way and we want you to have peace of mind.

Heather T & her dogs work photo Heather  started in the fall of 2015 and has both Doctor Assistant and Client Care Rep experience.  She enjoys learning new things about patient care and client service every day.  She is one of our pet whisperers; she just knows how to hold and talk to pets, especially when they’re stressed.  Heather also really enjoys teaching our clients how to take the best care of their pets.
zachary Megan started with us in 2016 and is uber excited to be working in the veterinary profession.  She plans to learn all she can about client service and patient care at Fremont and then she’ll be applying to the PCC Veterinary Technician program in 2-3 years.  She’s previously worked at 3 Dogs Day Care and Boarding, one of our favorite, local doggie day care facilities.  She loves dogs and cats, so don’t be surprised when you see her come around the counter to say hi.
 stella Mary Lou
11-pat-harper Pat has been with us since 1982 (she claims she was 3 when she started). While she spends a bit of time in our reception area, most of her time is spent updating our medical records and maintaining our books.  She also helps with phones where there’s high phone volume.

Animal Care Assistants

Our our Animal Care Assistants work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our clinic beautiful, odor free, organized and fully stocked. They also help with patient care by holding patients for procedures.

 Freya  Freya joined our team in the summer of 2017 and immediately started learning both the ACA and the Doctor’s Assistant position.  She comes to us with animal handling experience and really enjoys interacting with our canine and feline patients.   Her hard work and careful attention to detail really make Fremont beautiful.