Surgery Authorization & Consent

Authorization and consent form for surgery.

Download the file: Surgery Authorization & Consent Surgery Authorization & Consent

What is a PA screen and why do we run them?

A PA is a quick health screen run from a blood sample to help uncover hidden problems that may pose a risk to the health of your pet during anesthesia. It can be quickly performed in the hospital the same day as the procedure.

  • Checks liver and kidney function
  • Checks for Diabetes Mellitus
  • Checks for anemia

What happens if abnormalities are found?

  • A different anesthetic may be used
  • Fluid therapy may be added during the procedure (SQ or IVF depending on the situation and procedure)
  • Further diagnostics may be needed (i.e. blood work or urinalysis)
  • The procedure may be postponed

Who should have a PA Screen?

PA screens are required in pets 7 years or older; however, they are recommended for all pets.

Note: In some patients the Dr. may recommend a full blood panel a few days prior to the procedure. This is done in lieu of the abbreviated screen the day of the anesthetic procedure.

Please contact the Fremont Veterinary Clinic at (503) 282-0991 if you have further questions about Pre-Anesthetic Screening.